Thursday, 22 September 2016

Govs Pass Vote of Confidence On Udoma, Adeosun: Playing Politics with Everything Will Undermine Us as a Country!

Nigeria, our only country is undergoing a difficult period which also demands urgent measure to surmount the situation. The government of Buhari has appointed the various ministers to different portfolio to the best of his knowledge. He may have expected the best from his ministers but the people have past their verdict on the ministers based on their performance. It was observed before now that most of the ministers are placed on where they could not function properly. Put differently, a square peg on a round hole. This one reason may have made some of them not to function optimally, hence complains from the populace.

The House of Representative and the Senate had been on recess for the past three months and had just resumed plenary. On resumption, most of their deliberations centered on the economy…the recession which Nigeria had find themselves in. They all came up with different measures to curb the situation with some like Deputy Senate President (Ike Ekweremadu) calling on Mr President to carry out minor re-shuffle  of his cabinet by taking Kemi Adeosun, Minister of Finance and Udoma Udo Udoma of Budget and National Planning to a different ministry where they could function optimally.

Some of the honorable rep and senators suggested that the treasury single account (TSA) have made some bank to be short of fund and that has resulted in sacking of their workers. The devaluation of the naira and hence the general increase in price of goods and services. The naira on daily basis is losing value to US dollar. The oil and gas which our economy solely rely on before now has decreased to about 800 thousand barrel per day as against about 2.2million barrel per day due to militancy in the Niger Delta. In all these myriad of problems, there have been calls from various quarters to Mr President with one solution or the other.

The senate and house of representative on resumption from recess called for cabinet reshuffle but the governors came up after their meeting held today (22nd September, 2016) passing vote of confidence on the Minister of Finance and Budget and National Planning Minster. But must we play politics with everything in Nigeria? For goodness sake, if these people are not performing, take them to where they can perform while bringing those that will do the job better to the ministry. The bottom line is giving the people of Nigeria the benefit of democracy. Passing vote of confidence where it should not is absurd and will not do the President and indeed the people any good. Let us call a spade a spade.

In my own opinion, the cabinet is due for minor reshuffle, drop those that are not performing and bring in new hand irrespective of party affiliation. The President should as a matter of urgency see how he can dialogue with the Niger Delta agitators. Reason being that even if Mr President deploys military to the Niger Delta, it will not solve the problem but will rather aggravate it. Good enough the militant has declare a seize fire in the past one month and this single act has increase the oil and gas output per day to about 1.7million barrel per day compared to 800 thousand before the seize fire.  That goes to tell our dear President that there is no alternative to dialogue and it should do all he can within his power to make sure that peace prevail in the Niger delta.

On pulling the economy out of recession to the part of growth, the government should inject fund into the economy through capital project. Funds, be it small of big lying idle in the vault will not help the country to growth path. When capital project are awarded and fund released, the teaming unemployed youth will be employed to execute these jobs, thereby earning salary and wages at the end of the month and directly or indirect increase their purchasing power. The ordinary seller in the street and in the market will be patronized, and the system becomes lively but currently everywhere is dry.

Mr President was voted overwhelmingly into power because of the confidence the electorate repose in him, and I want to believe that he will put into consideration these categories of people in whatever action he takes. The people around you might not be in touch with the people on the street…and that is why you need to listen to the ordinary people and not necessarily listen to people around you ONLY. They might not tell you the WHOLE truth. Those people may want to tell you what you may want to hear but sometimes, it is important you look outside before taken some decision(s).
Yes, you had just finished reading my write up. What is your view? 

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