Friday, 23 September 2016

How over reliant on Federal Revenue sharing have hampers Nigeria growth

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The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported on the 23rd September that federal, state and local government shared N2.53 trillion as proceeds of revenues from the federation account from January to July.

Be that as it may, this sharing, good as it may have made the various tiers of government over reliance and sorry to say lazy in exploiting other avenue for revenue and hence creation of employment opportunities. Why? It has become a norm that after all; allocation from the federal government WILL come. When it comes, it is shared and they relaxed and position for the next month end. This obviously is not helping Nigeria to grow. The country has so much depend on oil revenue to our detriment. The earlier we realize this and do something the better. Otherwise if the federal government does nothing, the system will remain worse-off.

Of recent, there has been call from well meaning Nigeria for restructuring of the country politically to move the nation forward. While other sees it as reasonable and urging federal government to consider the call and restructure, others see it as distraction on the part of government. The people objecting this call and tagged it distraction may be doing so on sentiment otherwise what is wrong with change which is constant in life.

As a country, if we must move forward, we must eschew all forms of sentiment in suggesting ways of moving this country forward. The fact that certain things has been done over time doesn’t make it right. There is always need for adjustment or call it change. The President came to power on CHANGE mantra which every Nigerian buys into and voted him overwhelmingly against an incumbent president. It is now the present government can make every positive change to move the country forward and have their name written in history instead of maintaining the status quo which has not helped us as a country. If not, where then is the change?

I know that as a nation, we are been governed by constitution. Be that as it may, if constitution is found not friendly or on the growth path, won’t there be amendment? What then are the functions of the legislature? Let us see this country as our own and objectively move it forward without sentiment. In a family for instance, if you share food, you’ll discover that children eats theirs with reservation but when the food is put in a bowl or shared together, there you’ll see them eating to fill their stomach over others without reservation. I think this relate well with what is happening to our dear country, Nigeria.

There is therefore need for the federal government to restructure the country…and see if the country will not move forward. The states or region will explore resources in their domain to generate revenue and contribute to the center. The over dependence on the federal government will no longer be there. The Bible said that whosoever that doesn’t work, let him not eat. If a state fails to exploit the natural resources in its domain, let her remain behind. Good enough, every state of the federal can boost of one resource or the other but they are all lying idle because of oil revenue.

Mr President, we believe you have good intention for Nigeria but this must be translated into action capable of moving the nation forward. You’ll only write your name in the good book of history.  

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