Saturday, 24 September 2016

Niger Delta Militant Bombs Bonny Export Line: How About the Ongoing Dialogue?

The Militant group is been reported to have bombed the Bonny 48 inches crude oil export line on the ground that government is not sincere about the ongoing dialogue and negotiation. At this point in time, what will the federal government do? The economy is already in recession, hunger everywhere on the land, millions of unemployed graduate are roaming the street with no job, the already employed before now have been dropped in numbers from different sectors of the economy, the seller in the market is no longer making sale as price of goods has skyrocketed, there is confusion everywhere. Even at present there are conflicting ideas on what to do about the economy. Where do we go from here?

The militant needs to be appealed to. Why? So they could continue to see reason for dialogue as the best option and not bombing the pipeline. While the masses applaud them for the initial understanding to go into dialogue with the federal government, they should not run out patient. On the part of the government, they should show that they are sincere about the dialogue by acting urgently to see that the ongoing negotiation is done with the urgency it demands. Democracy is all but dialogue and negotiation. We need to move forward in this country. All hand must be on deck now. Every sacrifice that needs to be made ought to be done with urgency. Life is all about give and take. 

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