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Nigeria is my country, a great nation led by selfish leaders

I’m a Nigerian, and I’m very proud of my country. It’s important to know where you’re coming from, so you would be able to retrace your steps should the unexpected happens. Nigeria is a blessed nation in both natural and agricultural resources. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to argue with me about that fact. But in case you’re still in doubt, I’ll hint you.

Nigeria is blessed with ‘lead zinc’ which you can find in Abakiliki and Ogoja in Ebonyi and Cross-Rivers state respectively.  ‘Limestone’ is in Ukpila, Ewekoro and Sokoto; ‘Tin’ in Jos.

Rice, an agricultural crop produces very well in Abakaliki, Ogoja, and Ekiti; ‘Gold’ in Ilesha and Sokoto; ‘Marble in Igbeti; ‘Salt’ in Ebonyi and Abia; ‘Plywood’ in Port Harcourt and Sapele; ‘Palm oil’ another agricultural product, produces well in Rivers, Kogi, Cross River, Imo and Delta.

Others are ‘Rubber’ in Edo, Delta and Cross River; ‘Ignite’ in Asaba; ‘Oil and Gas’ in Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Abia, Imo, Ondo and of recent in Lagos. The other is ‘Cocoa’ in Ondo, Cross River, and Oyo; ‘Iron Ore’ in Agbaje, Aladja and Ajaokuta; ‘Coal’ in Enugu and ‘Cement’ in Cross Rivers, Ondo and Oyo.

Oil and Gas though have dwarfed every other resource mentioned here but even as most of the resources had not been fully exploited or utilized, it could be tapped and put into use maximum use resulting in more foreign exchange earnings.

Would a nation endowed with the above mentioned natural resources complain of not been able to pay her workforce? Would such nation poverty level be that high as experience yet in Nigeria? The north for instance have had more years in the leadership position in Nigeria, yet the people are dying of hunger and common ailment that can easily be treated.

The country is currently in recession and we’re still battling to come out of it. Prices of goods and services have gone above board. The people could hardly eat three square meals, yet few are swimming in affluence…the greedy politicians, and the greedy capitalist who never want to give by to the society. The politicians who want to get power by all means possible just because of want s/he want to get.  

Billions of naira is reportedly disappearing everyday to individual’s pocket without traces, yet there is no food, no shelter and no clothing for the average Nigerians…and these are basic human’s need. Sadly, there is no provision for them or rather easy access to them.

Even, there have been reported cases of some opportunist embezzling bags of rice meant for the internally displaced persons (IDP) in the north. Some persons awarding contract to their company worth millions of naira to cut grass in the IDP camps. That is greediness in the highest order.   

Elephant is an animal and in short it could be regarded as the king of the jungle even as lion is been presumed to be in that position in the wild. Haven’t you realized that no matter how lion may attack, intimidate or kill other animals in the wild, it doesn’t gets close to the elephant? Such is the level of respect, the acclaimed king of jungle, lion have for the elephant.  Wherever elephant passes, it leaves traces. It is why elephants are not hiding wherever they are found.

Nigeria and Nigerians as a nation and people can relate very well with elephant. Anywhere Nigerians are, you can easily identify them. That’s why I said earlier that I’m a Nigerian, I’m proud of my country. Nigerian has excelled and continues to excel in their various endeavors in life wherever they found themselves…

How about the likes of Prof Phillip Emeagwali, a renowned computer scientist; Ngozi Okonjo-Iwuala of all people, Akinwunmi Adeshina, current president of Africa Development Bank, Arunma Oteh, current vice president and treasurer of the World bank, Muhammed Barkindo, secretary general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Babs Omotowa, Shell International recently appointed him as the Global Vice president (S&E), Hakeem Kae-Kazim, David Oyelowo and Yemi Baington-Ashaye to mention but few.

Unfortunately, our political leaders out of their selfishness have been taking the country backward since 57years of independence. Nigeria fought and helped South Africa to gain independence in 1991; however, South Africa economy has recorded more growth than its counterpart, Nigeria.

Sad enough, most Nigerians living in South Africa today have been suffering one attack or the other. You may be wondering if the attack is based on jealousness nor not. Why? Because, each time this attack happens, the people lay one allegation or the other against Nigerians. Be that as it may, why won’t South Africans reciprocate Nigeria gesture?

Nigerians are also suffering the same faith in Libya; many have been reportedly had ill-treatment and even killed and of recent many who survived the humiliation are being deported back to the same country they ran away from. It’s important to note, I’m not in support of those who purposely traveled over there to commit crime and come back home to show-up. Remember, if you’re one, nemesis will catch on you irrespective of time it might take to have you handed down to the appropriate authority.

However, if your thought over there is thought of good and you’re just being humiliated in foreign land because you’re a Nigerian, why not come back to your country and pursue your dreams with absolute freedom. I’m not saying that those with genuine reason(s) to travel shouldn’t, don’t get me wrong. If you don’t have genuine reason(s) to travel outside the shore of Nigeria, stay back and pursue your dream. Let’s build this country together.  It is our only country.  

Nigeria is a good place to live. “In Nigeria, there are good Yoruba people, good Igbo people, good Hausa people, good Nigerians and there are bad people everywhere. That is the truth, “stop talking about dividing Nigeria because we are not the most populous country in the world. We have all the resources that make it easy to make one united great Nigeria. It is better if we are united than to divide it”. – Emir of Kano, Lamido Muhammadu Sanusi.

I came to realize that Nigeria problems boil down to bad leadership. Nothing is wrong with Nigeria as a country. Our leaders only strive for power for their own selfish reason(s) and not national interest. They come to share the big elephant meat ‘national cake’. Period!

God, however, has blessed this country to the extent that the more they are cutting and sharing our collective fortune taking same away, the more He blesses us. Otherwise, how would you explain or imagine it, ordinarily Nigeria ought to have seized to function as a country considering the level of corruption in the country. But God in infinite mercies still love Nigeria.

Most of the things happening in our country could be attributed to why some just decide to travel out of the country. Graduates are roaming about the streets looking for the job that is not there. Crime of all sorts. Kidnapping before now is a foreign language to Nigeria, but you can say that it’s one of the social ill damaging our reputation to the outside world. Be that as it may, there is no place like home. Let’s not run away from our country.

“So anybody that still preaching that the problem of Nigeria is Yoruba or Hausa or Igbo, he does not love Nigeria. The problem with Nigeria is that a group of people from each and every ethnic tribe is very selfish. The poverty that is found in Northern region is even worse than any poverty that you find in any part of the South”. – Emir of Kano, Lamido Muhammadu Sanusi.

That is to buttress my point that our problem boils down to our political leaders. Last month, April 2017 was characterized by EFCC discovering of fund kept in hiding places with no traces of who owns it. They are in billions of naira, millions of dollars and several thousands of pound sterling. You can easily say that our leaders have failed us. If not how else can those entrusted with public fund turns to be the people stealing them.

No wonder they kept recycling themselves in power, never to give in for the youths. Of recent Emmanuel Macron was elected the president of France. He is just 39 years of age. Here is a country where the youth and the women are not considered for leadership position. We have stay tight leaders who want to guide against new entrant by all means.

When President Buhari came into power in 2015, we all thought he will inject fresh blood into the system having waited for about six months without appointing any minister. Sadly, on coming out with his ministerial list, the same old politicians were appointed…

And there is no hiding the fact that Nigerians were all disappointed. Some though express some reservations, but two years into the administration, it become obvious that the old crops of politicians have nothing to offer…the same old story.

The likes of Audu Ogbe were appointed as minister of Agriculture, Lai Muhammed as minister of information and culture, and Ogbonna Onu as minister of science and technology. In fact, some old politicians and retired military officers were called upon once again to serve. Where is the opportunity(ies) for the youth? It is a common saying that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. One will be tempted to ask when and how?

My take on this issue, lets our leader leads by good example and as a nationalist. Let’s put all selfish tendencies aside while dealing with national issues. Let’s not be guided only by pecuniary values. Let our political leaders give our youths chance. Let’s make this country a better place to live, an envy of other nations of the world, where we can raise our heads high…and say I’m a Nigeria and Nigeria is my country.    

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