Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Adesua Etomi reveals how she was able to keep secret her engagement with Banky W until it was made known publicly

Adesua Etomi, Banky W sweetheart has revealed how she was able to maintain and keep the secret of her engagement with Banky W to themselves until it was made public.

The singer and dancer whose engagement announcement with R&B, Banky W who they acted together 'the wedding party' broke the internet revealed how she was able to conceal the news of their engagement until it was made known publicly irrespective of the industry both are in which you can hardly have anything hiding.

Adesua said that, "I'm very particular about my cycle. You can count my closest friends on one hand and that's because I believe you just need a few good friends. I am very friendly to everybody else. Also my family and mom, those are the people that keep it all together for me and there are always there and you can't beat that".

She also reveals some other things people might not have known about herself.

"I'm left handed. I'm not a fan of handbags and jewellery. I think Will Smith is perfect. My mom is a pastor and I sang in the choir for ten years".

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