Thursday, 8 June 2017

Elderstateman, Tanko Yakasai advised northern region on what they must do should the country eventually breakup

<img src=" Elderstateman,-Tanko-Yakasai-advised-northern-region-on-what-they-must-do-should-the-country-eventually-breakup .gif" alt=" Elderstateman, Tanko Yakasai advised northern region on what they must do should the country eventually breakup > </p>

The respected elder-statesman, Tanko Yakasai has advised leaders in the northern region to start in earnest to prepare for the eventual breakup of the country.

Alhaji Yakasai said; “I have being having this conviction right since 1953 and my position remains the same till date. But, it will be foolhardy to sit idly by in the face of series of agitation”.

According to him, “In a time of uncertainty, it is wrong to assume everything is normal. “It is better to have as many options as possible at your disposal”.

“Even if the need to use any option shall not arise, in the end, you have nothing to lose by being prepared for the unexpected,” Yakasai said.

The elderstateman, Yakasai was speaking in reaction to the 90days deadline given by some northern groups to the Igbos residence in the north to leave the region as well as urging their northern people residing in the south eastern states to come back home.

Yakasai was reported by The Punch as saying that the quit notice issued to Igbo by northern youths and the rebuff by their south counterpart to allow for free grazing of cattle owned by Fulani herdsmen are unlawful.

“The quit notice to Igbos by some people in the north and the purported denial of grazing right to Fulani herders in the south are against human rights provisions of the Nigerian constitution, which guaranteed freedom of movement to all Nigerians.”

“I read the joint position paper by the Arewa Citizens Action for change. First of all, I believe there is only a Nigerian citizenship, as long as we have a Nigeria.

“It is a good beginning, but I think we needed a deeper and more serious extermination of our situation, which I believe is overdue.

“It does not matter whether Nigeria will continue as a single political entity or not. We in the north need to have a kind of master plan for our future and the future of our people.

“It is wrong for us to be living in the way we are without any plan for our development for the present and for our future,” he reportedly said.

He suggested a meeting should be conveyed for a call to action and with people from different disciplines to discuss how to uplift the society.

“A preparatory committee should be set up to define the objectives for the meeting. I for one never believed that Nigerians will be better off in separation,” he said.

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