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How you can learn from lessons learned from my job search experience

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Everyone’s dream is to secure a plum job right after graduation. But in reality, not everybody will be that lucky. God forbid! You’ll say. Yes, no one is praying for any delay in job search frustrating experience. The gospel truth is that everybody can’t get job at the same time.

So, if you’re searching for job and yet to find one, you might as well read on. My job search experience taught me to take things easy. Job search without experience requires that you plan for it in such a way as to reduce cost and focus on your target. Why do I say so?

In my own case, I was traveling here and there, and this cost me financially and the risk involved on the road. I was desperate to the extent that any where I get information about job, I would want to be there in person. But I was wrong!

With advent of phones and ease of internet access, job search ought to have been made easier. No need traveling up and down. Make your calls to confirm information and send your resume with a click of mail. Travel only when it is obvious.

Again, while job search no work experience these days is sometimes difficult to come by as most companies are looking for those with some years of working experience. How do you go about this? Don’t wait for only when you get job in Shell, Mobil, Total, MTN and Glo etc.

You see, more often than not, these companies require some years of experience for you to qualify for their application… and if you don’t have the requisite experience, you already not eligible to apply.
In November, 2004, I started working with one university lecturer and a consultant in environment and community services, working with him without pay for three good years. 

In the year 2008 by April, I got a job in a private environmental consulting company with the experience I got from working without being paid. I worked with that company for three years, up till November 22nd, 2010 when I got a job as a social impact analyst supporting the SIA/Sustaining Development Department in Shell. I worked there for two years. But how do I get the job?

The team lead of impact assessment, a man I’ve not met in my life interviewed me and he told me after the interview that he has already interviewed 20 persons before me and that none of them had single idea of what the job is all about. He said that, they need only two persons and that the other person who he described as having little knowledge of what the job is all about will be employed to make up the two person they need.

So, after the interview, I was asked to go and expect to come in two weeks time to collect my ID Card. No experience is waste. If not the experience, I wouldn’t have gotten the job. Remember, I was not paid for three years in the process of acquiring the experience.

Meanwhile, working with Shell really exposes me on the job experience. The moment I left Shell, I started going for my own consultancy jobs in addition to representing my Oga whom I learnt the job from. In fact, I do the jobs on his behalf now. Today, by the grace of God, it’s what is sustaining me…and I’ll leave it at this point, as the rest is history.

Do not despise the days of your little beginning. Most importantly, be patient, be humble, and be respectful. When you imbibe on this three spirit…I call it spirit; believe me, you’ll succeed in whatever you’ll found yourself doing in life.

More so, in the process of your job search or you may have gotten a small one you’re managing, don’t try to relax believing you’d arrived. My experience had taught me, you should acquire ICT knowledge. This is the area; I found selling these days in the labour market. Acquiring ICT knowledge will add to your job search advantage.

If you’re a programmer or a software engineer for example, even though you decide not to work for company, you could as well become a consultant, doing your own thing. Now that you’re in the labour market or that you had secure a small job, you've to open up your mind. Don’t try to follow the crowd; you might miss your calling. Do those things you that will add value to your job search and to your life in particular.

Today, I’m on my own, doing my own thing. Don’t forget you must not be on your own like me. What I’m saying instead, acquire knowledge outside your degree certificate. If you’re lucky to work in one of these big companies, a time might come when you’ll need the experience. Remember, there is no job security anymore. I’m not trying to scare you, it’s a fact. In the year, 2016 alone, about 1.6million people lost their job. When you’re informed, you can’t be deformed.

One more thing, job search especially in the federal and state ministries are highly politicized these day. However, if you have God on your side, there wouldn’t be anything to fear. Importantly, equip yourself with necessary knowledge and God will do the rest. I must advise you here – as you’re preparing to get job in whichever company, start as a matter of urgency to prepare your exit point or plan. Why?

Many who have being opportune to work in big or small companies, a time will come when your services will no longer be needed. And at this point, you’ll be asked to go. Often time, most will develop BP and dies in the process. God forbid you’ll say. Yes, nobody is praying for bad thing to happen but you ought to prevent them from happening.

In 2012, I was called by my boss in office at Shell that her effort at renewing my contract has not yielded any result and that she’s being frustrated about it; meaning she has given up on my contract renewal. In fact I didn’t wait for an interpreter to understand that it’s over. In an office with central air-conditioning, I was sweating profusely…and to make things worse, I was preparing for my wedding and traditional marriage then. Did I pray for such? NO!

However, what helped me was my job experience. Meanwhile, I quickly put myself together and went home. As soon as I got home, I started making calls, telling those that care that I’m now on my own and consulting in environment. To cut the long story short, I’ve being consulting for companies and like I said earlier, that’s what I’m living on. I’m not rich but I’m alright.

Do you now see why I said you should prepare for the unexpected? Like I said, it’s not to scare you but to prepare you. Remember, nothing last forever!

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