Tuesday, 27 June 2017

More shocking revelation from Evans the kidnap kingpin as he gives reasons for not have operated in South West states

More shocking revelations has emerged from Evans the kidnap kingpin as to why he did not operate in the South West except Lagos which he claims to know more about. Tht

The kidnap kingpin revealed that he like operating in state like Enugu, Edo, Abia and Lagos...and never operated in Anambra where he comes from. He further said that there is no justified reason for him to operate in his own state.

Evans said, "Police tracking located me in Anambra state, it does not mean that I committed robbery or kidnap anyone there".

"If I kidnap someone in Lagos, I sometime go to Anambra state to collect ransom, just to avoid detention".

"No, I have never operated in any Yoruba state, let alone Oyo state. I have never operated there, Lagos is my state. I mostly operated from Lagos".

"Moreover, I didn't like to operate in Yoruba states because I didn't know my way around there. I didn't know the terrains".


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