Friday, 9 June 2017

Northern Elders Forum not happy with El-Rufai, Shettima for ordering the arrest of Arewa youths

<img src=" Northern-Elders-Forum-not-happy-with-El-Rufai,-Shettima-for-ordering-the-arrest-of-Arewa-youths .gif" alt=" Northern Elders Forum not happy with El-Rufai, Shettima for ordering the arrest of Arewa youths > </p>

Report has it that Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) has expressed their support for Arewa youths who gave the Igbos 90days quit notice to leave the northern region.

The spokesperson for the Northern Elders Forum, Ango Abdullahi in a chat with newsmen at Zaria today said that the Igbos cannot continue to be residence in difference region of the country while they agitate for the actualization of Biafra.

Ango said that it will amount to being hypocritical by the Igbos to agitate for Independence of Biafra and still reside in another region. He berated the Kaduna state governor, El-Rufai and its counterpart, Kashim Shettima of Borno state for condemning as well as ordering the arrest of the Arewa youth who asked the Igbos to leave the Northern region.
He further said; “I am disappointed in the decision taken by Northern Governors’ Forum disowning and condemning the agitation by this young agile and progressive youth groups. Let me ask these Northern governors, whom are they representing, are they representing spirits, ghost or people of the north? Recently, people from eastern part of this country, specifically Igbo, were busy calling for the Sovereign State of Biafra and from all indication their leaders including governors are behind them.” He said

Ango Abdullahi argued that when Nnamdi Kanu, Indeginous People of Biafra IPOB leader was released on bail recently, over 100 vehicles escorted him to his residence including big personalities from the south-west and south-east.

“This is somebody who has been agitating for the breakup of Nigeria but his people were behind him, therefore, I am behind the youths. This is because the northern youths are pushed to the wall, we have been calming them down in any event similar to this. These people always pretend that the north is cheating them, not minding the fact that southern Nigeria was developed by resources from the north. Please, look for a book written by Adamu FiKa, the Waziri of FiKa on Nigeria’s budget before and after independence. Each year, up to the time Nigeria gained its independence, none of the two regions was able to provide for itself. I mean none of the western and eastern regions had the money to effectively run the affairs of its region until they get financial support from the Northern region.”

Ango maintained that it was the same money from the North that was used to construct Nigerian Railways, refineries and other facilities.

In his word, “Oil exploration was conducted using money from groundnut pyramid, cotton, hide and skin among other cash crops from northern Nigeria. However, these people tend to forget all these goodies provided by the North toward ensuring the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria. They always look down on us, feeling that Northerners are parasites in this country.”he said

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