Wednesday, 28 June 2017

President Buhari's Hausa broadcast to Nigeria muslim, a sign of desperation - Dr Doyin Okupe

Dr Doyin okupe, former presidential aide, has faulted the media team of president Buharir on the broadcast to Nigeria muslim in Hausa language. He maintained that the media team failed in their duties.

According to Okupe, the media team in desperation to prove to Nigerians that all is well with the president committed more blunder.

He however gave reasons why the president probably may have spoken in Hausa language to Nigerians.

In his word, "I have ponder for a while why the suppose message to nigerians was in Hausa language by President Buhari".

"I believe the voice is the voice of Buhari and not the voice of any laboratory creation".

"I also believe that the President never intended the statement to used  as a direct message to the nation. It's one of two possibilities".

"The media handler in the desperation to quel rumours of the president death or extreme incapacitation, arranged for a correspondent of the BBC Hausa service to record a message for their station to be related to their listeners. The claims that it was an interview cannot be correct. An interview is a question and answer session, not a monologue. What question was PMB answering when he said "I Muhammadu Buhari..."

"The other possibility which I consider to be more probable is someone, maybe Garba Shehu, requested a message from PMB. Because he was talking with aide who is northerner, he spoke to him in Hausa expecting that this will be translated to English and issued out by the Presidency".

"No matter how we may look at it, sheer desperation has caused someone to commit a near fatal Public Relation disaster. Alas, the President suffers an incalculable damage for that but...

"I am sure the handler have learnt yet another painful lesson" he said.

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