Friday, 23 June 2017

Veteran musician, Victor Uwaifo's hostel accommodation building reportedly burnt by armed robbers

Report has it that the occupant of the hostel raised alarm when the said robbers initially came to the hostel to steal. When they came, according to the report, the occupant on discovering strange sound of door breaking alerted some negbourhoods through phone calls...and on hearing the calls for help, they the robbers escaped without successfully carrying out their evil plot.

Annoyed by the unsuccessful mission, the robbers came back as a revenge, cart away every valuables they could lay their hands and set the building ablaze. The occupant of the building left the building for safety in anticipation that the evil incarnates will return some other time, since they left earlier without success and with annoyance. The occupant anticipated correctly and ran for their safety but of course, measures were not put in place to safeguard the area. So sad!
Security is becoming an issue in our dear country...the security agencies are doing their best but more need to be done.

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