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What you may have not known about blogging business in Nigeria

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Blogging simply means the act of writing or crafting a post for a blog. And you’ll ask, what is a blog? You may know it! Yes but let’s give that opportunity to some of us who may be coming across the word for the very first time. Blog was originally derived from the word “weblog”.

Alternatively, you can regard blog as an online journal, or diary even as blogs are much more broadly utilized now, like online journalism. Having said that, the moment you start a blog, you become blogger as one who blog or write content for a blog.

Now that you have known what blog, blogger and blogging are, you may want to know blogging is big business even though before now people just regard it as a way of expressing their passion. In the western world, that is what people presumed blogging initially to be. And of course, they have realized that blogging is beyond what it used to be “passion”, and now taking blogging a business opportunity.

Bloggers like Darren Rowse of Problogger.com, Pat Flynn of Smartpassiveincome.com, Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-journey.com and of course our own Linda Ikeji of Lindaikejisblog.com and Jide of Ogbongeblog.com to name but few. These guys understand from the outset, blogging as business and turned blogging as business opportunity.

Blogging business in Nigeria unlike before is fast growing and depending on your blogging business ideas, people are no longer blogging for passion but blogging for business. Thanks to people like Linda Ikeji who started blogging in the year 2006 and was able to stand her ground, wither the storm that characterizes starting blogging like every other business. And today, her unflinching determination has paid off. Today Linda Ikeji is a model in the blogging sphere.  

Be that as it may, looking at Linda Ikeji, you would want to emulate what she is doing, either because she has made it today as a blogger or what have you. However, before you ventured into blogging business benefit, it might be important to understand blogging business facts, as it will help you to avoid blogging business failure.

There are myths about blogging initially and the myths are that; Myths No 1; that you can start blogging and in a space of one month, you’ll start making six figure passive income without much effort. Just put up an online business and viola, the money will start flowing.

Myths No 2; you blogging for passion; and yes even though this is true, you getto to have some business model around it before you can make money out of your passion. Believing that your passion alone will make you money is the myths no 2.

And myths No 3; blogging doesn’t require money to start. A very big myth indeed! Myths No 4; blogging doesn’t require much of your time; just put up a blog and viola, 24hours, it will be working and making money for you even while you’re sleeping.

These myths mentioned here have discouraged many newbie blogger or internet marketers to abandon blogs started. I was a victim of these myths, sold to many and me by those internet marketers who are not actually sincere about the blogging as business. They want to persuade you by any means possible to have you part with your hard earned money to buy whatever package, which in actual fact they had not even tested.

In 2008, I paid one guy in Lagos, I wouldn’t want to mention name here; he set up the website quite alright with adsense inclusive. However, he told me that within one month that I’ll start making money, say between $100-$200 and I was happy and even wanted to quit my small paid job then. You know what? Every day, I’ll check my adsense account and see $0 earnings for about two months. Sadly, at exactly two months of checking my adsense account without anything, I gave up the website. He never told me the truths about blogging but bombarded me with myths about blogging.  

However, if you’re determined at doing certain thing, you wouldn’t give up totally. You may have to ask yourself questions why you could not succeed while some are succeeding. So, I was still determined to to go into blogging, and in 2004, I opened a blogger blogspot but could not develop it because of my job. In the year 2016, May to be precise, I opened another blog which is the blog you’re reading and having known what blogging entails, I’ve made up my mind to stay put no matter the challenge.

So, basically, you should take blogging as a business model. Remember, anyone can have an average successful blog out there with adsense and making between $0.5-$1 a month. And I’m sure this is not the type of money you wish or desire to make blogging. Therefore, in entering blogging for business, you need to really get down to understand the nitty gritty. Doing this will help you to develop a real business model that will be capable of making you good money and that is optimizing a business around your blog.

In doing this, you getto sell something. Selling physical products, you can as well sell digital products, you can even sell your skills; sell someone else product and get paid for it…and that is affiliate marketing or selling of information.

So to succeed as a blogger, you must understand the blogging business facts – that you need money to start your blogging as business, you’ve to buy domain and pay for hosting which could be monthly or yearly. You must work on your blog more than anything else. Know it also that making money from your blog depends on so many factors. That being said, you have to prepare to give it time, say 1-2years before expecting some returns on investment from your blog.

In starting a blogging business in Nigeria for example, you need blogging business ideas. Your ideas must not be novel one, ie it must not be absolutely new, and of course you know that there is nothing on the internet that someone else has not done. What you need rather is carry out your due diligence, know where you can enhance or improve on what others in your chosen niche is doing.

I want to believe that this write up will help you in case you may want to go into blogging as a business. Put up your blogging business plan and with determination, coupled with working smart, you’ll succeed in blogging as business.

To your success!

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