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Why I Am Blogging

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I read Economics in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and that possibly makes me an economist. That’s my profession even though; I’d since via into Environment, specializing on social impact assessment. It’s what I’m presently doing to put food on my family’s table and be able to finance my blogging.

An economist by training turned blogger. Are you surprise? Don’t be surprise and I’ll tell you why. You really can’t tell what you can become tomorrow. We all have dreams and aspirations, however, your dream might land you in what you least expected. That doesn’t make you a dull or smart person. It could just be God’s design for you.

As a young man, I’d dreamt of working in the bank. Yes, I really fought in my own power to make it a reality, but today nko! I was in Federal polytechnic, Oko reading marketing but deep down in my spirit, I needed to read Economics. To cut the long story short, I made it to UNN to read my desired course, economics. I finished in the year 2001 and my national youth service corps (NYSC) in 2002. After my NYSC, did I work in the bank? NO! That will be a topic I’ll share maybe on my next post.

In fact, ‘life no be as you think am’o’! That’s not to say that your plans doesn’t come as planned, it does sometimes. But what if it fails? On that note, I’ve decided to share my life story here on my blog. I don’t know what your challenges are. My story might encourage you. If you’re from a polygamous family; you’ve graduated from higher institution, and looking for job and it seems not coming your way – my story might interest you.

Again, you’ve found small job you’re managing, and you feel that it’s too small; I mean the take home package…and you want to give up the job. I’ll advise you from my experience not to give up the job. Stay put! The experience you’ll acquire from that job could just be what you need to land in that your desired job. So, I repeat, stick to it!

Meanwhile, to answer question on why I opt to be a blogger; I love reading and writing. I’ve many unpublished books lying idle there in my house. The reason is that after writing, I wouldn’t have the money to publish. In fact there are a lot more things involved in publishing a book and marketing it… and sincerely I didn’t have the financial muscle then.  

There was a book I wrote after my graduation and while still searching for job. I reached out to my friends who were opportune to get job immediately after NYSC but they didn’t respond to me. Of course, they have their own challenges, so I didn’t pick any offence at all. Instead, I accepted the rejection in good faith. You may be struggling today; looking for helpers, those you even think will help you have disappointed you. Don’t worry! Certainly it’s only God that will bring your helper to you.

So when Nigerians became more aware that blogging is a good method of communication, I started one in 2008 but had since lost that blog because I wasn’t able to renew the domain and hosting when it expired. However, I didn’t give up – in 2016, precisely May, I started another blog, and this time with blogspot. Blogspot as you may know is free. Free to some extent anyway. You don’t need to pay for domain and hosting. So, I’ll say you can start blogspot with minimal cost.

There is a myth about blogging. Why do I say so? Even though blogspot is free, you still need money to buy internet access; you need a laptop as well as internet modern. So don’t be deceived, blogging require that you have small money from time to time to finance it. You can read this post; what you may have not known about blogging business in Nigeria.

I started this blog as a platform to share my life experience on:

  • My job search experience as a graduate,
  • My marriage experience as a married man with children,
  • My working experiences as a consultant in social impact assessment. My area of consultancy has exposed me to meeting different people and several communities…and I wish to share the experience with you,
  • My experience as a little beginner; the word of God admonishes us not to despise the days of our little beginning,
  • I’ll also share my experience as a man from polygamous home and only son out of 5 children from my mother side,
  • Why you should stick to one wife and avoid the temptations of getting involved in polygamy especially if you’re a Christian,
  • Your main focus as an undergraduate should be to graduate and avoid distractions here and there in the school environment. Remember, after school, you’re going out to face the reality of life,
  • I’ll also use my blog platform to bring to you – breaking news, entertainment and events within and outside the shore of Nigeria.
These are the little I wish to share with you on my blog…and I pray you’ll find them interesting especially when you’re in the same shoe with me. And of course, learning and sharing experience from others helps a great deal…and I hope you’ll stick with me.
God Bless You!

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